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Water Filtration Systems

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Pure Water From Every Faucet

Without clean, healthy water, there’s no way to keep on top of your health. Ensure that your family is protected by installing a whole-house water filtration system with Lake Norman WATERTREE. Our home water filtration systems trap microbes and germs before they ever come out of your faucet, ensuring that every drop is fresh and clean. 

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Why Do I Need A Whole-House Water Filtration System? 

When your drinking water is full of pollutants and germs, you’re fueling your body with contaminants. Unfortunately, many water grids are not kept up to date, and not every home can get clean water. When that’s the case, you may want to consider installing a whole-house water filtration system. These systems can often be found and installed for less than $5,000.

Signs You Need a Water Filtration System: 

  • Water smells or tastes strange 
  • Hard water spots on your shower doors or walls
  • Water leaves stains or rust
  • You live on an old water grid
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Water You Can Trust

Our comprehensive water filtration scrubs all the pollutants out of your water, leaving nothing but fresh, wholesome water. Shop around for the latest filtration systems with us. Our team can analyze your home’s space and make personalized recommendations for your family. Reach out to us to see what we can do for you. 

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Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems 

  • Protect your family’s health
  • Stop germs, bacteria, metals, and more pollutants 
  • Reduce wear and tear on your appliances
  • Prevent waterborne illnesses
  • And more 
Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

ROCCS Under-Counter Water System

Dream Tree's ROCCS is a six-stage filtration system that uses reverse osmosis and ceramic conversion to purify water. It's ideal for filtering well water or municipal water with heavy metals or other impurities. The system produces up to 50 gallons of purified water per day and includes filters for sediment, carbon, taste and odor, and antioxidant-alkaline. Professional installation is required, and filter maintenance is necessary, depending on water quality.

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Anion 101 Showerhead

The Anion 101 Showerhead comes with a hose, bracket & box (citrus filter included), creating an experience you won't forget. The filter inside reduces up to 99.9% of harmful chlorine on contact, adds natural moisturizers that can relieve skin irritations, & adds an exciting aroma with our range of filters. The result is a natural vitamin C aromatherapy shower experience.

The patented plate is removable for easy cleaning, so you can enjoy a refreshing, relaxing shower experience for years to come! Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

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