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Hydrogen Water

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Water That Does More

Water naturally supports your body’s health by flushing out toxins and supporting overall body health, but hydrogen water takes it one step further. Our hydrogen water offerings go above and beyond what your regular water does. Think of it as a super-powered version of your regular water, with greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

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Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is water that has been infused with hydrogen gas. This water is pumped full of free-floating hydrogen molecules that can pass through your body and provide antioxidant benefits. These tiny hydrogen molecules are small enough to pass through cell walls and support your cell’s processes. 

Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but because both those hydrogen atoms are bonded to the oxygen atom, they aren’t available for other metabolic processes. That’s why free-floating H2 molecules are a great option for helping your cells fight off waste and decay. 

There’s no need to worry about excess hydrogen, either. Hydrogen is present in 90% of all matter in the universe, and your body can process it easily. Excess hydrogen simply passes through your body without any negative effects. 

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What Are The Benefits of Hydrogen Water? 

  • Increased energy production 
  • Protection from free radicals
  • Support cell processes
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Reduced recovery times 
  • And more
Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

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