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Alkaline Water

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More Than Just Water

Water is the foundation of all your body’s processes and the building block for healthy living. But do you know how healthy your water is? 

It’s a common misconception that all water is the same. Not true: even distilled water made from conventional filtration systems or reverse osmosis isn’t as healthy as it could be. Conventional filtration strips almost all the toxins from water, but it also removes the beneficial elements you need for a healthy lifestyle. 

Lake Norman WATERTREE uses a proprietary process called ceramic conversion to power up your water with all the right things, so you can drink water the way you’re meant to. Our alkaline water includes all the essential minerals and nutrients while also delivering fresh, clean taste and a better way to hydrate. 

Looking for a source of clean, pure, and wholesome alkaline water? At Lake Norman WATERTREE, we are the first alkaline water store in the Carolinas. Here, you can pick up bottled alkaline water or request regular water delivery to your home or business. Live better with us. 

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Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

Why Choose Alkaline Water?

Just like how our bodies regulate temperature, our bodies also regulate pH levels. Your body requires a blood pH of 7.35. But thanks to environmental stressors, diet, and toxins, our blood pH is often more acidic than it should be. Chronic acidity can affect every part of your body, leading to less circulation, more cell damage, and more. 

Alkaline water has been enhanced to have a more basic pH level of eight to ten. More basic water balances the scales and restores your body’s internal pH to an acceptable level. Many studies suggest that alkaline water can help fight sickness and aging, while also offering many other health benefits.

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Choose Alkaline Water For:

  • Adding essential minerals
  • Protecting cells 
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Flushing waste from cells 
  • Reducing the effects of free radicals
  • Stabilizing acid-alkaline balance 
Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

Introducing Tumeric Water

Get the goodness that is turmeric in our premium water. Refills are 3.00 per gallon. Each gallon has 1.5 grams of NLT Curcumin concentrate, clinically proven to increase Bioavailability by 14x. Scientifically proven to support joint health, immune health and relieve inflammation.

And no, it does not taste strange!

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Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

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