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About Us

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The Carolinas' First Alkaline Water Store Delivering West Coast Quality Water

About Lake Norman WATERTREE 

Do you miss the West Coast because of its alkaline water shops? Are you under the impression that such a thing does not exist in Mooresville, NC? Here at Lake Norman WATERTREE, we care about supporting your health, home, and loved ones. The best way to do that is to ensure safe, clean drinking water. At our pioneer store, we offer everything from bulk water delivery and bottled water to alkaline and home filtration systems. Whether you’re looking to supply your office with regular water or need someone to install a home filtration system, we’re there. Enjoy West Coast quality water from the comfort of home! 

Located in the heart of the community, our store offers a wide range of high-quality products and merchandise for sale. From water filters to eco-friendly water bottles and other related accessories, we have everything you need to enhance your water experience. Additionally, we take pride in providing a convenient water refill station, allowing you to refill your bottles on the go!

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We Offer:

  • Alkaline Water
  • Hydrogen Water 
  • Turmeric Water
  • In-Store Water Refills
  • Water Delivery Service
  • Whole-house Water Filtration Systems
  • Refillable Water Jugs, Pitchers & Accessories
  • Plant-based Cleaning Products
  • And More!

Stay Healthy With Every Sip

Alkaline Water 

Unlike other water suppliers, Lake Norman WATERTREE is not content to provide regular, plain drinking water. Instead, we support your health by creating alkaline water through a process called ceramic conversion. This water is infused with healthy antioxidants and minerals, which boosts the health benefits of regular hydration. 

Because our alkaline water has a higher pH level, it helps balance your blood pH level and stops it from becoming too acidic. Chronic acidity is a common problem that stems from environmental stressors, and it can lead to issues with cell damage and toxin build-up. Alkaline water helps maintain your cell’s natural processes and get your body functioning at peak performance. 

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