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item imageLake Norman Watertree is officially partnering with local plumbing company Sustainable Plumbing LLC!
item imageLake Norman WaterTree awarded silver woman, best small business of the year, 2023
item imageLake Norman Water Tree will now be offering water pick up at Lkn Nutrition located in Denver. You can pick up a new 5 gallon or get a refill for your own jug!

New Product Alert!

Introducing Tumeric Water

Get the goodness that is turmeric in our premium water. Refills are 3.00 per gallon. Each gallon has 1.5 grams of NLT Curcumin concentrate, clinically proven to increase Bioavailability by 14x. Scientifically proven to support joint health, immune health and relieve inflammation.

And no, it does not taste strange!

Bottled Water Supplier in Mooresville, NC

Introducing Mineral Force Water,
commonly called Skinny Water.

Premium Mineral Force Water
pH 9.5 - pH 10.5

Mineral Force Water contains pure ionic calcium and ionic sea minerals that may benefit your body's health.

Mineral Force Water MAY help:

Weight loss
Boosting the immune system
Detoxifying your body
Reducing inflammation, muscle/joint pains, and cramps
Improving calcium absorption for stronger teeth and bones

*You must drink 1.5L or more per day for 30 days.

Bottled Skinny Water

Bottled Water Supplier
In Mooresville, NC 

Water That Goes Beyond Hydration


It’s no secret that staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy, focused, and aware. But your water could do more. At Lake Norman WATERTREE, we offer water filtration systems, water delivery, and more services to keep you happy and hydrated. Our specialty is our alkaline water, which is infused with a wide range of essential nutrients and antioxidants. You’ll be able to hydrate while fueling your body with what it needs. Whether you're a local or West Coast transplant looking for your alkaline fix, drop by and learn about the benefits of alkaline water yourself.

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Alkaline Water
Our alkaline water has a higher pH level and is packed full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need.
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Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen water is full of molecular hydrogen atoms, which bond with free radicals and flush them out.
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Water Filtration Systems
Support your family's health by installing a whole-house water filtration system, often for less than $5,000.
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Water Delivery
Need bulk water delivery to your home or business? Let us know, and we'll set you up on a regular schedule.
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What Is Alkaline Water, And How Does It Help Me? 

It’s All About Balance 

Our bodies constantly regulate our blood pH levels to keep us in check. pH is the measure of how acidic or alkaline a liquid is, and our blood pH levels should be at 7.35. But many Americans have a higher pH level than they should, thanks to issues like environmental toxins, diet, and stressors. 

When chronic acidity gets out of hand, the results are slower blood circulation, cell damage, more free radicals, and more. Alkaline water has a higher, or more basic, pH level that can balance out the acidic blood. Drinking regular doses of alkaline water may be able to protect your cells, remove toxins, and add more essential nutrients to your diet. 

Lake Norman WATERTREE offers a wide range of alkaline waters (which are revered from coast to coast), all filtered in-house. Drop by to try it for yourself, or contact us to schedule delivery

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Better Hydration, A Healthier Life

Take your hydration to the next level with Lake Norman WATERTREE. Visit our store at 294 W Plaza Dr in Mooresville, NC, to browse our alkaline and hydrogen water for yourself. 

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